Vintage OOTD - The Swinging Sixties ft Painted Black Vintage

*Painted black vintage is now closed.

Whilst I am so fond of the 40's and 50's recently I have been wearing a few of the 60's numbers in my wardrobe and remembering how fun and versatile this era can be.

Todays outfit is this nylon dress which I picked up at Painted Black Vintage in Crouch End. (Visit their Easy shop here) They have a sale in store at the moment - a rail of dresses all for £15.00 each and a bargain bin of items at £5.00 each.

Unbelievably this dress came out of the £5 bin (I dug all the way to the bottom!)

I love vintage shirt dresses as they are just so easy to wear and the nylon material usually means they don't need ironing, they are perfect to throw on and run around town in.

The pattern was really what caught my eye - greens, burnt orange and yellows are colours I always go for and this dress has all three in a really beautiful pattern.

Some might say this is autumnal but I don't believe in that and wear 'seasonal' colours all year round.

The label is Hillora of Great Britain.

I have such a thing for contrasting tights with these kinds of dresses and I love how these olive green tights coordinated with the dress.

I wore some bright yellow earrings courtesy of Naomi Thompson many of the bakelite bangles came from her also! You can find her Etsy shop here

I wore my hair in a faux beehive. I achieve this without any backcombing by taking a cheap hair doughnut, cutting it to make a rainbow type shape and pinning it in my hair like a rat. I wrapped this scarf around my head to give it the 60's vibe and also cover the more noticeable roots!

It's so woefully windy at the moment that these 60's styles are really coming in handy, the circle skirts of the 50's are beautiful but have caused many a blush on a blowy day!

I hope you enjoyed this post, If you are ever in the area pop in to Painted Black Vintage and take a look!

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