Vintage OOTD - Beautiful Silks ft London Car Boot Co

I'm getting very much into the swing of taking outfit photos on a more regular basis so I can blog about them, I must say it's hard work getting photos done without a helper but I'm sure in time I'll get there.

Today's outfit is another vintage dress in my favourite colours! I picked up this silk dress at one of the London car Boot Companies sales (Princess may Stoke Newington)

There was a vintage seller who is fairly regular and this dress was only £1.00, a complete bargain in my eyes!

The colour of this dress is quite hard to photograph because it's actually sort of two tone between mustard and red.

I adore the pattern on this dress, it reminds me of wallpaper but in the best possible way. I'm not one to shy away from patterns and bright prints! It doesn't have a label but I am guessing it is early 60's.

One of the reasons I love silk is that it actually keeps you remarkably warm despite how thin it is, as it is a natural fabric. I find anything man made feels colder. I layered up with a modern cardigan from M&S which I tied at the waist. 

As I was literally on my way to work I wore my trust ballet flats and changed my shoes at the office. I love how ballet flats can go with just about anything and prefer wearing them to the trainers I used to run around the city in.

I teamed this dress up with this huge gold brooch and some gold floral shaped earrings. For bangles I stacked my corn bakelite spacers with some modern wooden bangles. I love the contrast of natural materials against plastics.

I wore my faux beehive again because the weather is so shocking at the moment. I have have this done in a few minutes so it's just really useful for work days. I'll save my more ambitious hair styles for dryer weekends for now!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you are a Londoner (or visiting) the London Car Boot Co's are definitely worth seeking out, there are still vintage bargains out there!

Until next time




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