Vintage Home Decor

Sometimes it is fun to dream, and for me sometimes this dream centres around being a home owner and being able to have a lovely vintage home.

I have a few reference books that show vintage interiors but in the event one cannot afford to source original furniture it is possible to get some lovely high street items to give your home some vintage flare.

In the new year many of us start thinking about spring cleaning or redecorating, or in my case just musing over what we would have if we could..

 Yellow is one of my favourite colours but it can be overwhelming.

I love the traditional style of this wallpaper in slightly muted tones so it's not too busy.

This would make a room seem bright and welcoming whatever the weather!

B&Q £14.00 per roll

If you venture out to a vintage furniture sale you will see a lot of dark wood, light wood is so much more in vogue in modern homes but for a vintage feel on a budget I'd go for something like this.

It's obviously modern but it is simple in it's design so I think, topped with the right ornaments, it would look lovely in a vintage style room. Ikea £65

 I don't know why more people don't have dressers like this these days, I love them.

It seems like some houses today are almost ashamed to have furniture and so it's as small as discrete as possible.

I personally like something that dominates a room and would love to see this filled with whatever the homeowner wanted to display, I always think it's a little peep into someones life.

And for anything unsightly the bottom half of the dresser provides a great hiding place.

Ikea £115

I love odd chairs instead of matchy 3 pieces, and this grey one would look great in a lounge or a bedroom and would pick up the colour of the wallpaper above really nicely too.

Wooden frames are great for adding a vintage touch.

Ikea £125

 I adore this yellow chair with it's classic style and high back. This would add a bright and sunny reading spot to any room but I would add some neutral toned cushions or a throw draped over it to balance it out.

Ikea £179

Nostalgic touches always add to a vintage home and this novelty aviation clock would add interest to any mantlepiece. 

House of Fraser, Linea was £60 now £30 - Limited stocks!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, what are your favourite vintage decor styles? 

Until next time 




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