Two Outfits for £12.00 - OOTD Charity Shop Post

I have written before about charity shops and why I think they are brilliant for bargain outfits, but there is a deeper reason for my love of the charity retail sector.

I work for a charity and so I can support causes through retail as well as through work and that means a lot to me. Also the less clothes that go to landfill or get produced as part of the fast fashion culture the better in my book. These shops are full of great finds if you go and have a look.

I wrote a post about how to get the best from charity shops which you can see here.

With that in mind I am bringing you two examples of outfits I picked up for less than £6.00 each.

Springtime Blues 

Skirt £2.25, Shirt £3.00

The first is this geek chic outfit which I bought at my local Scope shop.

Skirt: I love powder blue and also I really liked the pleated style of this skirt since I don't have any like it. The label is Daxon. The skirt is 100% polyester and requires no ironing which is great for someone like me!

Shirt: When I saw this shirt hanging above the skirt I just knew they had to meet each other in outfit heaven. It's got the powder blue elements to the floral print but also red, coral, green and white meaning it can be mixed with so many other pieces.

Aside from the print I adore the detail on the front of the shirt, it's a really interesting feature and makes this shirt feel much more vintage that it is actually modern.

It's a nice lightweight fabric so it will be great in the summer to throw over outfits that need a little more coverage. I love to wear pearls with old fashioned shirts to set the whole thing off.

These brown sling backs are some of my favourite shoes for summer, they are by Jasper Conran at Debenhams. I love how they match the clasp on my bag. 

Lovely Limes 

Skirt £3.50 Top £2.50 

The second outfit is entirely modern.

I spotted this ASOS skirt on the rack (at Marie Curie in Finsbury Park) because of the print and the colour. I love bright tones for spring and the check print is eye catching and bold. I was thrilled when I pulled it out to get a better look and saw the shape, it's a full, but not a circle, skirt. It still looks great with or without a petticoat.

Right next to the skirt I saw this simple green vest top which was brand new with it's tags still on. I thought it would go so well with the skirt that I snapped them up to pull together this very casual modern take on a 1950's look with a cardigan thrown over and a nylon scarf to accessorise.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my charity shop bargain outfits and look forward to bringing some more to the blog in the near future.

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