Twinwood Wardrobe Round Up

I was so glad to go to Twinwood again this year, it was absolutely fantastic and I have already booked annual leave for next year! My vintage style has somewhat changed and evolved in the last year so I thought it was high time to do another wardrobe round up...

Saturday Day

This dress is the one I featured in my post about cleaning vintage, it was my little wounded bird. I am not sure what era it is actually from but I got it from Ebay for less than £10.

I teamed it with my white halo hat, yellow hotter shoes, a simple white bag and some yellow Bakelite accessories.

I had wet set my hair the night before and just brushed it out for this look.

Saturday Night 

One of the best things about Twinwood is that anything goes. This dress is from at House of Fraser and was gifted to me by my aunt. You don't have to wear true vintage.

The dress has pearl buttons on the cuffs so I wore all my pearl accessories including my pearl dangle brooch which I adore.

I bought this fur stole at Battlesbridgce Antiques Centre and I wore my black Hotters and this Corde beaded bag from Scarlet Rage Vintage.

The set is the same on from the daytime but I pinned back the front sections to show my earrings off.

Sunday Day

I have recently really got into Dirndl dresses and decided to wear this one on Sunday in order to be a little different. I got this on Ebay recently too.

I teamed it with this white gypsy top, some resin and lucite bangles with wooden spacers to keep it rustic.

My hat is a vintage offering from Barbour which was a charity shop find and I adore it. And this hexagon box bag was something I bought at Twinwood, more on that later!

I didn't reset my hair the night before but it decided to play ball and still look decent which I was pleased about.

Sunday Night

I couldn't wait to wear this dress. This is the dress I picked up at the Vintage Pop Up Fair London which I recently wrote about.

It's an original 1940's dress - it's needs a few bits repairing but is generally in great condition. I love the pink colour with the beautifully simple pattern. The cut is gorgeous and though it's simple I felt a million dollars in this dress.

I teamed this with my pink hotters, navy blue Corde bag and green accessories - picking up on both colours in the print. I also wore pink seamed stockings because I just couldn't help myself!

I popped two victory rolls in the front of my hair and used the remaining curls on the bottom from my now 2 day old wet set.

The hair flower that you can see is from Miss Bella's Blooms and I'll be doing a full review of this piece soon.


The dress that I had packed for Monday needed a repair and the weather was so good that it would have been really hot to wear so I decided to wear one of my Twinwood purchases instead. 

This cotton 1940's dress is a black and white check print with black buttons and little pockets on each hip. It's so lovely to wear. 

I used my black lucite handle handbag and borrowed this black hat from a friend to finish the look off.  I redid my victory rolls and put a small gibson roll in the bottom of my hair which gave the hat something to cling too. 

And just like that Twinwood was over for another year, this year was event better than 2016 and I cannot wait to see what changes next year will bring. It was great seeing some of my vintage friends who I don't get to see that often, now I must set about filming my haul video and washing all the pretty dresses I got!

Until next time




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