Twinwood Wardrobe Round Up

As a first timer at Twinwood this year I thought it would be a good opportunity to show my Twinwood outfits and why I wore them but also to think about what remained in the suitcase and why. Is it obvious that this post is all about helping me plan for next year?!

Day one

Daytime -

I rolled my hair the night before and ironed all my clothes to be hung in the car, and I am so glad I did because this dress creases like no other!

I bought this dress at the £1.00 sale at East End Vintage Clothing (usually a fill a bag store). I teamed it with my hotter shoes which were an ebay bargain (only a couple of pounds) my brown kelly bag (£7.50) seamed stockings and this hat, gifted to me by my stepmother. I also wore my Sphinx jewellery set which I have inadvertently started collecting but I love the victorian style of it so much.


The evening was much colder and a bit rainy. My hair hadn't held up with the damp and wind so I decided not to wear the true vintage dress I had brought with me and wore one of my Vivien of Holloway dresses with a silver bolero and my hunter wellies. In the end I pinned my hair up in a messy updo just to keep it out of the way. 

Tip: It is not necessary to wear true vintage to Twinwood. Lots of people wore reproduction clothing and given that we were camping I felt much safer running around in a repro dress in the poor weather. 

Day two

Daytime -

I was super excited to be attending my first lindy hop lesson which was all included in the price of the Twinwood ticket. I wanted to wear my repro sneaker style shoes (£5, Ebay) and as I didn't know how sweaty I would get I didn't want to wear anything vintage! I wore my pink Vivien of Holloway skirt (which I got in the sale earlier this year and it was a bargain!) and a plain black top. I topped off the outfit with my "Marvellette" badge as it coordinated so well! 

I decided to put my hair up and cover it with a scarf to keep it out of the way whilst dancing and did a big barrel roll in the front to keep it vintage style. This is my go to hairstyle on days when I need my hair out of the way. 


After a full day of fun I changed into a more 40's style outfit. I chose a dress that covered my arms since it wasn't exactly warm outside. I covered my hair in a red snood which saved me time as I didn't have to curl it and I added 2 victory rolls in the front. 

Tip: It's a good idea to plan your hairstyles in advance for Twinwood and make sure you have all the scarves and pins you will need, the majority of the event is outdoors and it can be wet and windy. There are plenty of vintage style updo's which will hold up better if you are doing activities. 

This dress was rescued from my sisters charity shop bag and I love the tie neck detail. I teamed it with my new crochet mustard coloured bag which was a charity shop find (£3) as it brings out the colour in the pattern of the dress. For comfort my black Clarks shoe boots (£25 on sale) really did the job and I accessorised with a stack of bamboo and wooden bangles. 

 Day three


All to quickly it was the last day, at the end of the second night I rolled my hair so I just loosely brushed it out and set it with (a lot of) hairspray.

I wore this vintage dress which I picked up in a charity shop in my hometown in Essex (£3) and wore yellow plastic beads to pick out the yellow in the dress. I added a stack of bangles in green, red and purple to coordinate with the rest of the dress pattern. The Corde bag I used was one of my biggest ever bargains at £8 from a local car boot sale (which I posted about here) Since it was still quite wet I wore my hunter wellies.

Tip: Don't sweat it over footwear. I don't own any vintage shoes as such because I am a size 41/8 and I can never find them but comfort definitely came first for me at Twinwood and I had little interest in ruining any really nice shoes. Shoe boots were perfect and as they are leather a quick baby wipe sorted out any mud. Don't be the person sitting down because your feet hurt, life is too short! 

Things that stayed in the suitcase

1. Corset - firstly it was impossible to put on in a tent, secondly I wanted to be comfortable. 

2. True vintage - I didn't wear my very nice true vintage dress because the weather and the chances of it getting ruined felt too high for me. Also wearing it is dependent on the above! 

3. Shoes - I took half my shoe collection with me and shouldn't have bothered, leave suede and       strappy sandals at home if you know you won't wear them.

4. Cute PJ's - funnily enough my 1950's babydoll didn't get a look in and my onsie was my go to nightwear, it's camping after all, I was having a deluded packing moment! 

That's my outfit round up of Twinwood and I hope people find some of the tips useful if attending a vintage festival. I cannot wait until next year, I've already booked the weekend off work! 

Until next time 



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