The Vintage Furniture Flea - London - Picture Post

When I saw there was a vintage furniture flea market being held 10 minutes from my house in Crouch End I just knew I had to check it out. 

The Vintage Furniture Flea is run by Judy's Vintage Fair and was held at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre.

Entry is £2.00 (or £3 for early birds) 

I am currently renting in Crouch End but that won't stop me eyeing up furniture for my vintage home after my inevitable lottery win! 

I'm going to list these photos seller by seller and link their information below the photos so you can look them up. 

Cup and Saucer UK Etsy

I love this little guy! 

This foldable  trolly table would be great for a flat. 

Mix and match crockery for £1.00 what a bargain for a quirky table setting. 

Early Bird Vintage 

This beautiful wicker chair was getting a lot of attention. 

& In With The Old

I can't decide if it's cute or creepy but I love this dog light. 

I adore this style of photo frame that can just be seen in front, but also - FLAMINGOS! 

These tables are just gorgeous, I have a soft spot for the atomic style. 

What living room bar would be complete without a pineapple? 

The Nostalgia Exchange 

I find vintage children items fascinating as they contrast so starkly with today. 

Kitchen utensils that have lasted so much longer than their modern throw away counterparts and so decorative! 

I am a sucker for a shelf unit and loved the scalloped style edges on this one! 

Clou Insta: Clou_Antiques 

Who says you can't buy vintage that matches, by coming to dedicated markets you can kit out your glassware cabinet in style! 

Vintage games - I may not know how to play them but I love the idea of learning 

Clou had some beautiful fabrics for sale too 

I secretly long for a no mod cons kitchen with original pans 

Harvest Moon Insta: harvest_moon_lamps 

This lamp is not origional obviously but it is so funky and retro and wouldn't look out of place in a modern home, which is the beauty of this sellers work. They also sell original lamps too but this one stole my heart. 

Retro Bazaar 

Many of these beautiful old radios have been converted so you can plug an MP3 into them, breathing new life into the old casings. 

This was my personal favourite, the detail on the front making it an ornate item as well as functional. 

Emma Loves

This little dresser was fabulous and would look great in a retro style teens room. 

This bedside table got me going, I love maps and thought the top was such an interesting feature. 

I love that the map was local to London too, a nice touch for a London home. 

I have wanted a plant stand for the longest time, this one was too big for my place but its adorable! 

Patsy's Kitchenalia 

Patsy's Kitchenalia (Pat Spinks)

This was one of my favourite pieces from the market, I love the idea of these three little pots taking up the space of one on the hob and cooking a whole meal in one hit, meat potatoes and veg - done! 

The brand is called Judge and I think the colours are so beautiful for a truly kitch kitchen. 

This glass topped laundry basket also caught my attention, I love the colour. 

The sale itself was well organised, the space was a good size so it never felt overcrowded and it was clear whose stall was who's. 

If you are going as a furniture buyer you will want to have the budget for it, this is a serious vintage sale and you won't find any old tat or broken rubbish. This comes with a price point of course. 

However all the sourcing has been done for you by the sellers and you could kit out entire rooms in one hit but you'll have to be prepared to pay non bootsale prices which is something people sometimes forget! That's not to say there are not bargains but you won't be getting a chair for £1! 

Many sellers had card machines but you should always bring cash just in case, some sellers will also deliver. 

These was music playing throughout which kept the atmosphere up and the sellers were all so lovely in letting me take photos of their wares for the blog. 

The next Vintage Furniture Flea Market is in East London on 2 July in Bethnal Green and if you are in the market for furniture or just want to browse some collectables it's worth a visit. 


Until Next Time 




*All opinions are my own, this post was not sponsored or affiliated with the market or sellers. 

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