The Nostalgia In Old Books

Books are very much taken for granted these days I feel, in the age of the kindle I feel the coming generations may lose respect for books which would make me very sad indeed. I shouldn't really worry, books have survived a lot worse than the current age and they still appeal to so many as a preferred way of reading, but I do feel quite sentimental about them.

One reason books are so important is that there were times in history when books were denied to people, and the denial of something only makes people want it more. Books have been banned throughout history at various points and in various countries, in fact some books still are banned for their content, I'd love to know whats so scary about them that the powers feel the public can't handle it.

The beautiful library at Trinity College Dublin - a trip I won't ever forget. 

Prisons throughout the world deny inmates books by way of punishment, which proves how important they are somehow, without a book we cannot escape into that other world and be lost, or in this case, free.

If books are equal to knowledge and knowledge is equal to power it's no wonder books have been so controversial in their history.

Perhaps it's the rebel in me that loves them, I've got a library card and I'll stick it to the man!

Of course we still live in a time where some parts of the world do not have the benefit of easy access to books, either educational or otherwise.

Here in England I see all too often that TV and youtube has replaced books as entertainment for children, I watched TV of course but was very much of the playing outside generation and I read, a lot.

Cardiff Castle boasts an impressive library 

The feeling of turning a page to get to the next exciting chapter, or not being able to put a book down until you have reached the ending is something to be cherished. I wish I could find more time to read books and have a pile at home waiting to be devoured.

Lots of charity shops sell old books and Oxfam Books Kentish Town has a rare and vintage section which I just love. The books are well worn of course but the aesthetics of the shelves are gorgeous.

When I am a proper grown up with my own home I would love to have a beautiful bookcase and a reading chair somewhere. Or an attic filled with books, or a library...if I win the lottery.

When buying older second hand books you discover little treasures along the way. I have found old money, notes and to do lists and even old photographs in books.

I bought this book in Oxfam Books Kentish Town for £3.99 after falling in love with the illustrations.

Robinson Crusoe is a classic story that I have read before at some point but there is something different about reading the tale from a book like this that makes it feel really special.

Another thing that I love about this book is that at some point someone wrote their name in it, books must have meant so much to this little person that they claimed it as their own in their childish scribble and I think that's adorable.

My parents used to read to us a lot, although my dad was very talented at making up stories on the spot, mostly about a farmer called Thomas and his magical chicken who won talent shows. I think this is why I feel such a nostalgia for books and storytelling and why I am unlikely to ever move on to a more technological way of reading, despite how convenient it may be.

I remember very distinctly the first time I fell in love with a book, at age 7 reading the children's version of Little Women because I'd begged my teacher to let me move on from Janet and John who I considered boring little shits altogether.

I'll be forever grateful to Miss Maine for giving in to my complaining, she won't know it but she started my literary love affair.

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