The 10 Best Things About Dressing Vintage

I hear from so many people that they would love to dress vintage, but... much of peoples hesitation centres around confidence, they don't know anyone who wears the same, where do they start and would they be doing it right?

So here is my list of my top 10 best things about dressing vintage.

1. Compliments

This had to be number one because contrary to belief I have had far more compliments than negative comments on my vintage style. It might sound contrary but people regularly stop me in the street to say how lovely an outfit is. The proof is in the pudding and once you start dressing vintage these comments can be a little addictive.

2. Community

The vintage community is huge in the UK and beyond. I was into the vintage style before I found all the wonderful vintage facebook groups full of people who love the same. I have now made true friends with some of these people and they have been there for me through really tough times, and they understand my love of vintage too. If you put yourself out there you will find like minded people and expand your social circle.

3. Recycling

Whether you are wearing 80's does 50's or true vintage, all second hand clothing is recycling and it does feel good to know that 95% of my wardrobe has avoided landfill and is being utilised. That's not to say that I don't buy anything new but my footprint on the world is definitely less than average in the wardrobe department.

4. Avoiding fast fashion

Read any blog on fashion industry ethics and behold the can of worms. Buying cheap and buying lots comes at a price, not just to the person making it but to you the consumer as you will have to replace cheaper items more regularly. Buying quality second hand goods that will last means buying less of this fast fashion.

5. Feeling unique

Whilst the community is large if you wear vintage or vintage style everyday the chances are you will stand out in the sea of highstreet clobber and that's a great thing. I hate to be dressed like everyone else and vintage provides me with the opportunity to dress how I want to and express some individuality.

6. Your granny will love it

Seeing the faces of the older generation light up with recognition of a style or a dress really makes my day, it seems to make theirs too and I always come away from conversations with the older generation with a little warm glow.

7. It's old so it never gets old

Classic is classic, I don't have to follow high street trends because I maintain my vintage style but back when I did I felt that I was constantly chasing the next trend and wanting to be "current" and it's all a bit stressful. With vintage as my chosen style I don't have to follow trends, worry about whether they suit me and if I will look back and cringe in years to come. I've got the 90's for that!

8. It's cheap and cheerful.

At least it is the way I do it. As with anything you can spend a little or a lot and I like to spend as little as possible for everyday items, I went to a £1.00 sale today and got some truly quality clothes that will work for so many vintage inspired outfits, all for less than the cost of one highstreet item (£17.00 total spend in fact)

9. You don't have to go near the high street

I used to treat shopping like a hobby, visiting the same shopping centre on a Saturday and seeing the same stuff week in week out, I spent so long dressing for my life I wasn't having a life. Now I thrift but then I find better things to do with my afternoons that don't centre around the high street which has proved refreshing.

10. Events

Dressing vintage means that I have a whole season of events that I can attend to wear my favourite styles, ogle other peoples and listen to fabulous music. These vintage specific events make the vintage dresser feel really at home, no other clothing I have ever worn has had festivals dedicated to it.

So there you have it, my top 10 things about dressing vintage... I will have to write a 10 worst things though, by way of this space.

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