Seamstress Of Bloomsbury "Milly" Dress Review

I have been lusting after a piece from Seamstress of Bloomsbury for an age. When Rock n Romance had an offer that gave £20.00 off any order of £40.00 or more for filling in a survey I jumped at the chance and that's how I got myself my first SOB dress.

This Milly dress was in the sample section of their website and was £29.00 so I was getting a bargain.

This 1940's style dress is perfect for summer. I adore bright red because it looks great all year round. 

The dress has 2/4 length sleeves (my favourite) It buttons all the way down the front and has an eye and hook at the waist to really nip it in. 

The dress has a higher neckline with a classic shape and this delicate leaf print detail embroidered into it. 

The leaf detail is followed through on the pocket and waist. These garments have a real attention to detail that SOB can pride themselves on. 

The dress is made from the crepe that most SOB fans rave about, if you don't know anything about the brand they specialise in some of the most high quality and historically accurate reproduction fabric on the market. 

Their crepe is utterly gorgeous, there is nothing cheap and cheerful about it. There is a craftsmanship to their designs and tailoring that is truly quality. 

In terms of fit I bought my usual size 14. You should consult the sizing guide for SOB, these items are based on vintage patterns and are so close to the real thing that you may find you need some vintage style foundation garments, I am wearing a corset with this dress as I needed a bit of help in the waist but it had a generous bust. 

I paired this dress with a vintage Kangol hat which I have been dying to wear and I know it won't be the last time I pair these together. 

Delivery from Rock n Romance was swift and it only took a couple of days for me to receive the dress. They carry some fantastic brands at various price points so I'll be keeping an eye on their website. 

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