Seamstress of Bloomsbury "Brenda" Dress Review

When I posted my Top Five Alternative Summer Dresses post - which you can read here, I fell head over heels for the Seamstress of Bloomsbury Brenda dress.

The dress is currently available on their website and is £79.00

It might seem a little odd to buy a long sleeve dress for summer but the Crepe de Chine fabric is cool to wear even on warmer days which means this dress will have longevity as I can wear it in all seasons.

The fabric is very soft to the touch and fluid in movement, it's what I love about SOB's range. The Brenda dress is unlined but thanks to the crepe it doesn't need anything underneath it because it doesn't roll under like so many other fabrics and it isn't too sheer.

The skirt is made from a deceptive amount of fabric which is what makes it hang so well and it gives a gorgeous shape.

The dress has a slightly elasticated waist, this is covered by the brighter blue tie belt which is a lovely feature as it really stands out against the pattern and draws the eye to the waist.

There is no side zip to contend with, the only fastenings are the three buttons on the bust and the cuff buttons.

It also has a beautiful pleated neckline which is a lovely vintage feature.

The buttons on the bust and the cuffs are covered in the same blue fabric, good attention to detail is put into SOB products.

The pattern is floral and the colours are rich, it's so bright and summery. On their website it's described as floral sorbet which I think sums it up!

I tend to go for patterns that can work with many accessories and this dress leaves the options open for so many different colours.

In terms of fit I bought my usual size 14, this dress is less structured than the Milly dress I reviewed previously because of the elasticated waist.

I really appreciate how SOB dresses are generous in the bust, it's something I tend to struggle with when I order from other brands and I end up sizing up but I don't need to with SOB.

This dress washes at 30 degrees and is also easy to iron, the SOB products I own have really convinced me of their quality and luckily I have a stockist right on my doorstep so I can try on as many styles as I want!

I will definitely be including this dress in my Twinwood wardrobe, I wore it with victory rolls in my hair but I have recently made a matching forties felt fascinator which I will be blogging about in my next "Craft of the Month" blog.

I'd recommend checking out Seamstress of Bloomsbury if you haven't yet, they have so many beautiful products.

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