Review - Lindy Bop 'Vera' Blue Rose Stripe Print Swing Skirt

As part of my summer haul from Lindy bop I bought the gorgeous 'Vera' Blue Rose Stripe Print Swing Skirt. 

I'd had my eye on this for a while so I was happy when it went into the sale for £20.00.  I must say I am pleased with it from the top to the bottom! 

The waistband is thick which I find essential on these types of skirt, too thin and they just loose that lovely structure. 

The skirt is  full, not circle, with some gentle pleating which falls really nicely, this shape is perfect for the office because anything bigger and I will knock things off shelves! 

The skirt comes to below the knee and thankfully is lined. I always wear hosiery and never leave the house bare legged, cotton skirts can have a habit of riding up against nylon clad legs but the lining stops this happening. 

Wether or not something has a lining is something I would check before ordering again as I'd have a strong preference to the lined skirts. Whilst writing this post I discovered if you type "fully lined" into the search bar of the Lindy Bop website the lined items will appear - score! 

The pattern is gorgeous, swirled stripes with red and blue roses. I love how the pattern is traditional and not too novelty. It's bright and fun but not too garish. 

In terms of fit I bought a 16 which was perfect for me, it's a little looser than some of my Lindy Bop dresses but I sit down all day so prefer the extra space! 

How I wore it 

I decided to wear my yellow bakelite bangle again as it goes with so many things and it was accompanied by these Splendette blue and white marbled bangles which mirror the colours in the roses. 

I wore a blue vest top and this red bolero (RIP BHS) to tie in with the accent colours. 

The brooch seems sufficiently floral for such an outfit. 

In my earrings I picked up on the red with these plastic bakelite-esque earrings that were a 50p charity shop find. 

This red Kelly bag is a new favourite, I had been after one for an age and I found this in my local Mind charity shop for £6.99

It was hot and nearly the end of the week so my tired feet had a ballet pump treat this day! 

My lipstick of choice today was the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in cherry skies. 

My roots are driving me a little crazy now but it has given me an idea for a blog post on hairstyles to hide your roots! 

Until next time 




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