Putting on The Blitz

For my birthday in March my sister bought tickets to the Blitz party, I was so excited, it's something I have been meaning to go to for ages and I finally had tickets!

The best part of something like the Blitz party is the pre-drinking getting ready time. My sister and her friend sat in the kitchen waiting for me to do their hair whilst I faffed about with my fake eyelashes. As with my colleague last week it was so much fun doing vintage hair on someone who doesn't usually wear it and my sisters friend was impressed with what I did for her, alas by the end of the night she had managed to dance her hair out!

I decided not to worry about wearing true vintage as this kind of event is the sort where drinks might get spilled. I settled on my army green collectif dress which was a charity shop bargain, a red cardigan to match the red snood in my hair and seamed stockings. I wore some vintage earrings which reminded me of a V for Victory sign so I wore those in a nod to the era.

Loads of people wore all kinds of reproduction so if you haven't been before fear not, you don't need to go all out buying something expensive and it is certainly not a "purist" event.

Everything was themed as you would expect, the drinks menu consisted of a few cocktails for around £8 each and you could also buy beer for £4. They didn't serve wine though which would have been nice as I am not a huge beer fan and don't drink cocktails very much. I settled with beer and it wasn't bad tasting. The cocktails were served in tin cans or mugs, all adding to the novelty!

The atmosphere was smokey and dimly lit with searchlights scanning the venue, props appeared as if from nowhere and there seemed to be something to look at in every corner. In an outside area was an old army truck which you could climb into for pictures. It got very busy very quickly but we managed to grab a quiet moment for a snap later in the evening.

We headed down to a small seating area where there was a second bar (different cocktails on offer here) and grabbed a seat to enjoy our initial drink. They also had cupcakes and sausage rolls on offer much to our American friends delight.

There was a hair and makeup station where people could get dolled up for the night and they seemed to be quite busy so if you are thinking of utilising this you should look into it on their website.

The musical acts were fantastic and we really enjoyed all singing along to the songs we knew, a particular highlight was the entire crowd joining in with "When The Saints Go Matching In" Everyone was in good spirits and the dancefloor was rammed full of people. We did have some laughs at the couples acting as though they might actually be parted from eachother, some of them could have done with a room!

There were also dancers who would put on a skit at various points in the evening whilst the crowd cheered them on, I am not the greatest dancer in the world so I do enjoy watching those who can really do it properly!

By 12.30 one of the bars had run out of beer and I had run out of steam, my sister and I headed off home before the 2am wind down. I would love to go to this again and stay a bit longer. It's a fantastic evening for the ticket price and I would say that vintage and non vintage lovers alike can really enjoy this event.

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