Product Reviews for Quick Vintage Styles

I regularly try out new brands or products so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you...

I haven't been endorsed by any of these companies, all views are all my own. 


I am lucky to have thick hair that will form a victory roll without teasing, if it is dirty I don't even have to curl it. The product I use to achieve this quick fix is Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray 300ml, Superdrug price £3.00. 

This hairspray really lives up to it's name. It has a glue like consistency which helps to mould the hair, it doesn't set fully for a minute or two giving you time to shape the hair and manipulate it and I find it really good for holding a wet set when the weather dictates it might drop.


I used to have psoriasis and using the wrong products can cause a flare up.  I have been using The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, full sized £28.00. I got this in a sample size from a beauty box company.  

There was a time when people considered putting an oil on your face insane but the market is now awash with them (pardon the pun) This oil not only smells great but sinks into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. Its extremely moisturising without being greasy and made any dry areas feel smoother without being harsh. 

When I wear a full pin up make up look I do really look forward to getting home, taking it all off and letting my skin breathe. I received H20 Skindulgence Cleanse and Hydrate Balm as a sample size product from a beauty box, full size £42.50. This looks like a lip balm at first glance but it melts with the heat of your hands and removes the make up that often remains deep in the pores or any remaining hard to shift eye make up, it smells wonderful too. 

I use this after using a face wipe to remove my make up and it gets rid of the last traces. It's expensive in it's full size but given how long my sample has lasted I should think it would equate to the same cost as the cheaper make up removers I have used, if you can afford the outlay. 


As I have said I have to be careful with my skin so when I discovered this Inecto coconut body oil spray, £2.99, in a shop called Savers I decided to give it a go. I use a lot of this so it tends to be greasy on me but those with normal skin would only need a light spray which sinks into the skin to have a wonderful overnight moisturiser.

I only use this before bed and wear PJ's to protect my sheets as it will transfer to some fabrics in the amounts I use. But if Marilyn went to bed smelling of Chanel No 5 then I go to bed smelling like a pina colada! The best thing about it is that if I get a flare up this product will shift it in a couple of days. 


I hadn't tried Lottie London nail varnishes, Superdrug price £5.99, and was given

this red one, called prom night, in a goodie bag. I am fussy about nail varnish especially as there are so many cheaper brands that will chip as soon as you run your hands under a tap. I wore this for four days without a chip (I used a nails inc top coat) and was really happy with the pigment as it meant I didn't have to do endless coats. 

Make up 

Eyeliner forms a part of most vintage girls make up bags, I have used this brand since I was 18 and I still love it. Collection fast stroke Eye Liner, Superdrug price £2.99, is my personal favorite. It comes in a range of colours and I always have black and brown to hand. 

It's an inkwell liner with a firm nib which I find very helpful in getting a good winged eyeliner effect. I find it doesn't flake and stays put all day without any transfer. It's so affordable too!  

In a bit of a pinch recently I bought this face powder, Make Up Gallery Smoothly Does It, from Poundland £1.00, and I was dubious but I told myself it was only until I could get my hands on something better. However this powder is lovely, I bought it in the shade Translucent 1 and it's a fantastic colour. Cheap powders are often either to pink or orange. 

This sets my make up well without sitting on top of it. I would definitely try more products from this range, don't judge a powder by the price tag! 

Until next time 



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