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Christmas 2016 was so busy for me, I think I have only just recovered. I had been meaning to write this post for ages as I used so many new products in the party season, some better than others, here are some reviews you might find useful.

Brit Rocks Vintage Nails, £1.29 per pack

I picked up three packs of these nails in gold, red and blue to match my party outfits as I knew time would be tight and I am a fan of being able to pop the nails on and off to suit.

Unfortunately the best thing I can say about these nails is that the packaging is cute. The glitter on the gold nails was patchy at best but it wasn't so noticeable from far away.

The main issue was that the nails split, in the same way a natural nail would. They didn't feel especially thin so when it happened to the first pair I wore I thought I'd just got a duff pack, but when I wore the red ones on a night out they also split meaning I had a sharp ragged nail all evening which is so annoying!

The red ones were also poor in that when the nail connected with the glue the colour bled everywhere, and where some glue escaped from the side of the nail it stained my cuticle red, which looked like poorly applied polish. If I wanted it to look like that I would have just painted them myself after a few sherries!

So all in all these are a 0/10 product, they didn't last more than a few hours, were poor quality and created more work than they solved.

I took myself off to the nail shop in the end and treated myself to a full set of acrylic Dita nails which I am loving.

Maybelline Lasting Drama by EyeStudio £7.99

My mum took the advice of a friend of ours who does the most fantastic make up looks and bought this eyeliner on her recommendation. I am in love with my poundland inkwell eyeliners so I was excited to see if a more upmarket product could offer anything my current brand didn't.

I have to say I am not a huge fan of this eyeliner, I like my eyeliner to be inky black and this one needed a couple of layers before it was to my liking, also the brush that comes with it was thicker than it needs to be. I might try again with a thinner brush (I find nail art brushes good for this) but all in all I wasn't so impressed with it that I could throw out my poundland one!


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk £5.00

I am always after eye products that will form the base of a 50's eye and I have real trouble with whites. I have some skin tone products for my 40's looks but because I am quite pale there is never a real contrast for the more pin up style eyes I like to do.

This eye crayon goes on easily and blends well, the pigment is very strong and it can either be blended or layered up depending on the drama factor you want. The price is very reasonable for it's performance. It will budge a little if you are going to wear it all day so I had to use an urban decay primer potion underneath to help it stay.


NYX Liquid Suede - Cherry Skies £6.50

I had wanted to try out the darker lip colours for a while after seeing so many good pictures on Instagram. I love the bright vibrant 50's reds but I wanted something darker and less novelty to try.

This lip product goes on like a gloss and dries to a matt finish. I have found products like this drying in the past, especially in the cold weather but this one not only stays on really well (I only retouched a little in the centre of my lip once in a day) but didn't dry my lips out.

The packaging is really cute and the wand is also a good size for accuracy.

I would recommend using a lip liner as it may bleed on some people but also it just helps it all stay in the lip boundary.


NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream - Copenhagen £5.50

I also bought this lip colour to try out something other than red, it performs in the same way as the liquid suede and I was just as happy with the results. The bottle is smaller making it more portable in tiny party purses.


*To note - the smaller lip cream product is 8ml and £5.50 and the larger Liquid Suade is 4ml for £6.50 which I think is really odd. I'd definitely buy the the lip cream again but I can't say I would pay the extra £1 for half the product!

NYX Full Coverage Concealer - Green £5.50

As regular readers will know I get psoriasis and since having the flu I had two rather large red areas on my face which were proving stubborn to heal. I haven't used a green concealer in ages as my skin had been so good up to now however since parties involve photos I decided it was worth picking one up.

This green concealer is one of the better high street ones I have tried, I have been through a lot of cheap crap trust me, it takes the redness out of the areas you want it to but isn't overwhelming green (which these products aren't meant to be) and layered under foundation you would not have known that the redness was there.

It's a light creamy consistency  which heats up well with the warmth of your skin, anything too waxy means you are pulling your face about and if you have redness that is all it needs!

Another thing I love is that it doesn't smell of anything, really odorless which is good, unnecessary perfumes are bad for problem skin too. I'd love try out more in their concealer range.


Eco Tools Mystic Luxe Trio Brush Set £30.00

I decided to buy myself some new make up brushes in the sale, I am not a fan of having huge brush sets and really only need a few key brushes so this set was perfect as it had all the basics covered with none of those brushes that usually sit in my make up box gathering dust.

You get 9 brushes in this set including:

  • Foundation brush 

  • Full coverage concealer brush 

  • Airbrush concealer brush 

  • Stippling brush 

  • Blush brush

  • Lip brush Eyeshadow shading brush 

  • Eyeshadow blending brush 

  • Angled liner brush 

These brushes are PETA certified (I am aware not everything in this post is) the bamboo is from renewable sources and the aluminium and plastics are recycled.

The brushes are super soft and there was no hair loss when I used them, the eyeshadow brushes give a really lovely blend and I am so impressed with the airbrush concealer brush as I usually apply concealer with my fingers and the shape of this brush gives a flawless blended finish in record time. I would definitely buy from Eco Tools again.


Lashes - Eyelene £1.00

I always buy cheap lashes, I've had more expensive ones but if you buy the right brand you can get away with the budget ones. I used to wear lashes everyday but only use them on special occasions now after some eyelash loss drama! I do use a more expensive glue, the Revlon black lash glue, as it keeps them put all day.

These lashes were great, they were a little long and needed a trim but better too much lash than not enough. See Top tip!

The lashes had a thin base that was easily disguised in the lash line and lasted all evening without any hassle. Sadly I forgot to take a photo before I flushed them down the loo after a night out but the range is worth checking out anyway!


I hope you enjoyed these reviews. If you have any recommendations of products to try or are a company with products that you think would be  good fit please get in touch at

Until next time



*All products were purchased, I am not affiliated with any of these companies, all views are my own.

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