Prague Part 1 - Sights and Things to do

Charles Bridge

One of the most famous landmarks in Prague is also one of the most accessable, if you go at the right time. The Charles bridge offers an amazing view of Prague and great photo opportunities.

The bridge is lined with statues who are kept company by the various jewellery and artwork sellers, as well as musicians.

You can also climb the tower of the bridge for the sum of 100CZK (about 4 Euros) and the views are great from there too.

The best time to o is very early in the morning or from sunset onward as during the day it really is peak time for tourists. The sunset makes it worth a couple of trips.

Museum of Industry

When I happened to find a Bakelite exhibition was on in Prague I had to visit, the Bakelite exhibition was great and very informative but the transport section of the museum was what really stood out for me.

I couldn't get over how big these trains were and how much technology has progressed. How we think nothing of hopping on an off the underground.

Some of the planes were like something out of a story book, It's unbelievable to think people flew these machines successfully given their simplicity.

What can I say I am a sucker for an old car! The whole museum was brilliant and well worth

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