OOTD - True Vintage 1950's Floral Nylon Dress

This Saturday it was my birthday and one of the vintage Facebook forums I belong to had arranged a meet up at Kew Gardens, I couldn't think of a more lovely way to spend the day!

Kew Gardens, for those overseas readers who may not know, is a famous botanical gardens in South West London. It's quite the tourist attraction attracting approximately 1 million visitors per year.

Florals simply had to be the order of the day for Kew. I bought this dress at Judy's Vintage Fair in Spitalfield's a good few years ago. It was £40 and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, I've only worn it a handful of times and usually reserve it for more special occasions because I love it so much.

It is made from a thick nylon, you'll sometimes see it described as sheer or textured nylon but I think different sellers use different terms (I saw one on ebay described as a plastic vintage dress once!) It's not exactly stiff but it does keep it's shape and these dresses are pretty hardy.

I love the dress's bustline which is very typical of the 50's and gives a great shape. The waist is pinched in to maximise the skirts flare, but I prefer it without a petticoat.

The floral pattern is the most vibrant pinks, purples and greens, another great thing about these types of dresses is that they retain their colour really well if they are looked after.

What I also love about this dress is that it can be worn as a day dress or in the evening, I have worn it to both.

As this was a daytime event I wore my black ballet flats for comfort (I'd be warned about Kew and the need for appropriate footwear)

I topped this outfit off with my pink silk coat which I bought on ebay for £11.00 a couple of years ago. it has the most beautiful embroidered collar.

To tie in with the greens in the dress I wore this faux jade necklace.

It was so windy that I didn't worry too much about having perfectly set hair, I threw some bobby pins in my bag and just went with it! Wearing this fascinator helped in the windy weather. It's a green velvet with a birdcage veil, I've had it for years.

All in all I had a fantastic birthday!!!

Until next time



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