OOTD Seasalt Dress Review

She saw Seasalt in the seasonal sales...

When shopping in the January sales I came across a brand I wasn't familiar with. Seasalt are a clothing company based in Cornwall. They are not specifically a vintage reproduction brand but they have some amazing vintage appropriate items and have been featured in Vintage Life magazine.

This shirtwaister dress was one of the items I picked up. It falls to just below my knee and has generous short sleeve. I love this sleeve length on vintage reproduction dresses, it's great if you are arm conscious like me. 

The prints are one of the best things about Seasalt items, they have a selection of pieces in their "Unique Print" range which means you won't find them anywhere else, they are designed in house and are inspired by Cornwall, often but not exclusively, nautical in theme. 

This print is a mixture of flowers, hearts and anchors in between little dots and lines, it's very detailed and makes for an all over attractive print without being too novelty or garish. 

I was also drawn to this charming print because the red white and blue combination reminded me of the patriotism in 1940's fashion. The belt I have added is my own. 

The dress buttons all the way down the front, another really lovely feature of this dress is the cotton that Seasalt use, it is so soft and really comfortable, it also washes and irons really well, good quality cotton can sometimes fall by the wayside in vintage reproduction clothing but this is really lovely quality and as my nan said "A good cotton dress will last you a lifetime"  

In terms of fit I found this dress to be true to my usual size 14 on the waist and arms but I found mine a little snug on the bust when wearing a modern bra, but with an old fashioned undergarment the fit was better so do consult the sizing guide.  

The dress is fully lined in a dark blue cotton which means it won't go see through in the daylight and gives another layer of warmth. You could easily wear this dress all year round by throwing on a cardigan and some thicker tights. 

Another great feature of the dress - it's got pockets! 

When shopping for vintage appropriate items it's these things, linings and pockets that make the difference in terms of quality and it's worth spending a little more when you find a really good brand. 

Another thing to note about Seasalt is their ethics policy which you can find on their website. Their promotion of their "Locally Made" project and their engagement in the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is definitely something that interests me. They also have their Social Responsibility policy available on their website. 

Seasalt have some amazing products available now, here are my favourites, but number one for me is definitely the Charlotte dress, I just adore that print! 

Tinting Dress £75.00

Chapelle Dress £65.00

Charlotte Dress £65.00

Performer Dress £55.00

Although a slightly higher price point than my usual go to brands with Seasalt you receive great quality, well tailored and unique items. 

I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more vintage appropriate items from them and if I can get hold of that Charlotte dress I'll be a very happy lady! 

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