OOTD Lindy Bop Bletchley Book Dress Review

After receiving some birthday spends I decided to treat myself to a dress I had be coverting for a while.

Lindy Bop Bletchley Book Print Turquoise Shirt Swing Dress 

I had searched everywhere for this dress, it was sold out on the Lindy Bop website when I came to buy it. I can see why it was so popular but I put a call out to the Vintage community and got some suggestions on where I might find it.

Low and behold I found one remaining size 18 on the Little Wings Factory website, too big for me in truth, but I decided I could always have it taken in so in terms of the fit I'd say it's true to size and I have it pinned here for photos till I can get to the seamstress. I paid £35.99 plus £3.95 postage.

As a book worm this is the perfect print for me and when you look closely there are so many oddities within the print like gumballs, spiderwebs and teacups. It's just adorable, There is nothing dorky about this book shelf and it will certainly grab attention!

The dress is a 1950s shirt dress style with what I would call a 2/4 length sleeve, they are short but not too short. It's a another thing I love about this style from Lindy Bop since I am, not crazy about my arms.

The dress comes with a coordinating belt as many of the Lindy Bop dresses do which is definitely a selling point.

It's made of Lindy Bop's matt finish poly fabric which is very soft and comfortable. I'd definitely look out for more dresses in this fabric especially for button fronts as I always struggle with cottons in the bust area but this dress moulds so nicely to more shapely areas.

It's lined on the top half in a dark blue fabric which is super soft but the bottom is unlined, it doesn't really need a lined skirt since the fabric and pattern mean it won't go see through in daylight.

The dress falls to my knee which always makes me happy as I am fairly tall and some reproduction dresses are more like skater dresses on me so I was glad of the length of this one. I'm wearing it with a petticoat here.

A fantastic feature of this dress and so many of the Lindy bop styles is that it has pockets, vintage lovers appreciate a dress with pockets that's for sure. I am not sure when the fashion industry decided that we didn't need them!

Another thing I love about this dress is that with such a colourful pattern there are loads of options for colour combining. I'm still mad about contrasting and combining tights for cute additions to outfits. I would combine teal or orange tights with a contrasting cardigan if I wanted to go all out on colour.

The delivery time for this dress from Little Wings Factory was 4 working days, I ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Thursday.

I wore these red Hotter Boutique shoes with this dress which I'll be blogging about soon.

I added a simple pair of orange bakelite earrings and these deadstock bangles that were originally made for Woolworths with my bakelite apple juice spacers. For my day in the park I decided to use my blue plastic 50's style shopping bag which I love to take out with me on dry days.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I know I'll be looking at many more Lindy Bop dresses in future, they have so many colour ways in their styles that there is something for everyone!

Until next time




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