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1970's Saturday 

This has been such a fun week but it really took some planning to coordinate all the outfits and write a post every day, especially as I work full time, also I am pretty sure my colleagues and neighbours all think I am crazy!

I figured I deserved a break (and so does my hair) from all the styling and curling and hairspray. I give you...the super relaxed seventies. This era feels so much more like fancy dress to me so I decided to let my suppressed hippy out!

I bought this dress at Twinwood in a £5.00 bargain bin, although it's not my usual style I fell in love with it straight away. I love how wacky and fun it is.

The dress is actually quite glittery for 8am on a Saturday morning in the park but vintage is nothing if not fun! I don't really subscribe to any rules about certain outfits being for day/night. 

The seventies dresses could easily be great for British summer festivals since you cannot rely on the weather, they also dry super quickly because they are just so man made! 

One of the things I love best about this dress is the shape of the sleeves and the sequin trim along them. It's got some lovely embroidery trim that you can see below. 

People always think that horizontal stripes will make you look larger but I don't agree, the cut of this dress and the pattern finishing just under the bust is super flattering and the fabric is a nice thicker material that hides any lumps and bumps better than thinner counterparts.

This dress is quite busy so I decided to accessorise with a headband for my 70's look. It's not actually a headband but a glass beaded necklace that I pinned into my hair using bobby pins. I love utilising things in different ways for a new look, you just have to think outside the box a bit.


I basically did nothing to my hair this morning, I decided to leave it as natural as possible and had lightly blow dried it last night so I just twisted the front sections and pinned them behind my headband for a boho look.

Make up: 

Oh the seventies, this morning I got to dust off my blue eyeshadow palette and go to town. If you look at make up advertising from the seventies you will see so much colour, they were not afraid to layer it on! I used more bronzer for todays look (although I still look pale!) for a sun-kissed glow.

I hope you've enjoyed following along this week, I've had a great time trying out all these looks, I am looking forward to doing my evening wear series later in the summer!

Until Next Time




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