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1960s Friday 

Although I love the 40's the 1960's is an incredibly fun look to do. I had to take the day off yesterday but I'm determined to finish my challenge despite still feeling a bit ropey!

The 1960's was a time of real change in fashion with looks becoming more futuristic. Women's fashion changed quite a bit, it was an exciting time in history and fashion definitely followed.

I bought this dress from a seller at a bootsale who had a rail of deadstock dresses for £1.00 each, whenever I wear this dress I kick myself for not getting a few more.

One good thing about 60's dresses is the fabrics, I tend to wear my 60's things in autumn and winter because the fabrics are man made and I always find them uncomfortable in the summer but they do keep you warm on chilly days!

The dress itself is navy blue so I wore navy tights with it. The dress has a really nice white check print on the top half and this cute little flower trim. It's such an easy dress to wear.

I used this little white handbag which I love because it's a great size, it was a charity shop find.


I wear beehives quite often but I never tease my hair. instead I have a hair doughnut that I cut through and then sewed all the loose ends together. I split off the front section of my hair and pin the hair rat behind it using bobby pins. I then lay the hair on top and secure with pins in the back. I can have this done in a couple of minutes so it's perfect for when I need a quick style. 

Make up: 

I have never done a 1960's make up look. The focus of the 60's was the eyes but I didn't want to go too crazy for a day at the office so I used a dark blue eyeshadow and lined my upper lid but without any winged liner for today. I kept my lips natural and used a peachy lip balm instead of a heavy lipstick.

I'll be rounding off the week with my 1970's inspired look tomorrow. 

Until Next Time 




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