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1950's Wednesday

I love the 50's I must admit, with it's big skirts and larger than life make up it was an uplifting time in fashion, post war. Rationing on some things continued after the war of course. Fashion was also influenced by the exposure to other nationalities and cultures that came with the war and I always think the fifties is a kaleidoscope of fashion.

I bought this dress from a charity shop and I love it as it is so comfy, it's cotton making it perfect for these warmer days. it's a shirt style top with a full skirt which it's light enough to be easily supported by a petticoat. It gives that typical 1950's shape with the help of the support underneath.

The print it this gorgeous vintage floral design with a mix of reds, greens and yellows. The buttons have been replaced making it a little difficult to date as it has no label, it has some elastic of questionable age in the waist which does nothing now days as it has lost all it's give.

To cinch my waist in I used my new yellow belt which I seem to be wearing with everything lately! This draws the eye to give the illusion of a smaller waist and even the simplest dresses can look more 1950's with a good belt if it is the right cut.

I wore my yellow hotter shoes to match, these shoes are practically moulded to my feet at the moment!

Now that summer is here I love using this bag which I picked up at a bootsale, I love the wooden handle and how roomy it is, I only use clutch bags when I am going all out 50's as I am a little more practical the rest of the time.

Boleros were very popular in the 50's and reproduction brands often make matching sets so I decided to pick up on the reds in the dress and wear this BHS shrug cardigan, I am going to miss BHS boleros as I think they were the best on the highstreet and used to stock up regularly. I got this one in their liquidation sale.

Novelties were also a very popular aspect of 1950's fashion and so I decided to give my new Bow and Crossbones heart shaped plastic brooch a spin. I bought this from Rock N Romance with their recent offer (£20.00 off a £40.00 order for filling in their survey - Bargain!)


Hair in the 50's was a little more coiffed than the 40's so I pin curled my hair last night and slept in my pin curl clips, still the most comfortable way to sleep in my opinion. I took more time brushing and moulding this set to give it the more formed curls of the 1950's.

Make up:

I love 50's make up, red lips and winged eyeliner have always been my go too no matter what era I am wearing so I was pleased to have them back today. My eyebrows are fuller for the 1950's look and I used white eyeshadow base to create a contrast between my eyeliner and the base of the eye. Red lips of course!

I am looking forward to the 60's tomorrow, and giving my hair a rest from curling, I might even have a lie in!

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