OOTD Five Decades Five days 1930's Monday

Whilst I am drawn to the fashion of the 40's and 50's for the most part I do love other era's like the 60's and 70's (not so much anything after that unless it's an era throwback) and I decided to put myself to a little challenge and see what I could come up with for a week in vintage style workwear through the decades.

I am taking things from my own wardrobe to achieve all these looks.

1930's Monday

This dress was a £3.00 charity shop find. It's a thin floaty fabric with a silky underlay to it. I have seen duplicates of it in other charity shops but it is seemingly homemade. I wonder if it was a project kit at some point. The draped bust is a lovely feature to this dress and felt very 1930's to me.

I love the subtle shell pattern and the colours are good for spring. I teamed it with a simple black shrug for warmth and my black ballet pump shoes

I got this long art deco style long necklace from a facebook selling site which are in-keeping with a 1930's style.

Crochet gloves and cloche hats were staples of the 1930's women, they almost always wore hats, I went for this summer style, I love the bow detail on the back. The black bag was a gift from my stepmum and is actually from Next, she's always picking up vintage appropriate things for me and has a really good eye!


I have never attempted a 30's style before so this was a new experience. I tried and failed at mastering finger waves on the first try last night, I think 30's styles might take a lot more practice. I rolled my hair under and pinned with bobby pins to give the illusion of a short bob and let the front fall forward into a curve around my eye.

Make up:

I went very natural for my 1930's daytime look with taupe eyeshadow with a tiny bit of pencil eyeliner, a very light blush and pink lips, I focused more lip colour on the middle of the lip to give a been stung appearance but it's very subtle.

I have to admit this is far more dressy than I would usually go to the office, and obviously I didn't wear my gloves and hat inside but I felt super smart and feminine. I rarely wear necklaces but I loved what the long strand necklaces added to the outfit.

I felt a little out of my comfort zone but on my way to work a young man held a door for me and told me I looked lovely which I must admit made my day!

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