My Top 5 Anxiety Busters

Before I continue with any usual blogging content I wanted to take a moment to write some words about the current situation facing us. Coronavirus is all I have seen, read about and thought about for the last couple of weeks and honestly I am a bit anxiety ridden and tired already and we have a way to go. I wanted to write a positive post though and it's certainly a useful exercise for me to write a list of the things I do to calm my own anxiety.

ASMR Videos - I love ASMR and how massive the whisper community has become. However if ASMR isn't your thing you could try any kind of relaxation or meditation videos. There are millions of them online it's just a case of finding the right one for you. I like taking a bit of time at the end of each day to try a new video out.

Making a schedule - Most of us will be at home now and one thing I have yet to do is make a schedule of things to do each day outside of working. I am going to aim for as many offline things as possible to rest my eyes and my brain. Luckily I like sewing and reading and have a lot of both stored up.

Having a good clear out - I always have a load of jobs to do that I never get around to, so far this week I have sorted out one whole bin liner of fabric to take to the fabric recycle when the world gets back to normal. I feel much better for knowing it is sorted out and ready to go even if it cannot actually be taken. I'm planning on sorting out one little area at a time, it's so satisfying.

Self care - I actually hate this term and all the memes about self care not being about candles and face masks, it's whatever you want it to be and I do have a load of beauty products I have been meaning to use and hairstyles I have wanted to try so I intend on doing a bit of that to relax. If it's not too stressful to do I might try and film a couple of them.

The final thing that I am finding comfort in at the moment is taking stock of the positives, the things we don't notice everyday in our time poor lives. My family are so far healthy (and I hope your family is too) and today I noticed the first signs of spring. I don't want this to sound too poetic but this time really has made me consider that I take a lot for granted in everyday life.

I hope you are healthy, being careful and staying safe.

Much Love




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