My Pre-Vintage Wardrobe

Before I found vintage I never really knew what to wear and what suited me. I wasn't the most confident of people and in my early twenties I flitted from trend to trend never really finding what I felt comfortable in.

In my 10 best things about wearing vintage I touched on how much time and effort I used to put in to being trying to keep up with latest trends, wether of not they suited me.

I thought I would share some of my personal photos of the time before vintage...

I remember buying this dress from a market stall and at the time I thought it was amazing, it only lasted one wash before falling to pieces which was probably a good thing in the end! 

This was another of my "I just want to be cool" outfits but it really didn't suit me, I think pink animal print was a tall order! 

Blazers and jeans were my go to outfits for hiding behind. 

At the peak of my less happy moments I would wear the baggiest things I could, I avoided anything remotely flattering because I felt like it wasn't for me. 

Even in happier times I would wear a lot of black, my sister looked at my wardrobe once and said "How many grey jumpers does a person need?" 

Nights out usually called for some form of bolero or jacket which replaced the daytime blazer. 

Another night out, another blazer.

Its very rare to see a photo where I haven't covered myself up in some way.  Thank goodness I found vintage! Although the bolero addiction continues!

I enjoyed writing this little look back in time, I hope you enjoyed it too.  Until next time Love Lucy xx

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