My Hotter Shoe Obsession - 3 Style Reviews

I must confess before I got into vintage I hadn't been to a Hotter store. Mainly because in my youth I was less concerned about preserving my feet and more concerned about buying cheap shoes and lots of them.

Several years and a chiropodist later and I know better. I want to be comfortable but in-keeping with my vintage style and that's why Hotter are so popular in vintage circles.

I have bought two pairs of Hotter shoes recently and have featured them in many outfits but haven't written about them exclusively. These are older styles that are not available on their website now but they have similar styles and refresh their stock regularly so it's worth having a look.


I started my journey into Hotter ownership with these silver Donna shoes. I'd seen so many vintage friends with Donna's so I knew a pair had to be mine.

Donna's, even in the standard size fitting, are quite roomy. A friend gave me a tip that a little gel pad at the ball of my foot would stop my foot falling forward in them, and it worked!

I loved the V throat opening because it gives the shoe a very elegant look with a little flash of the foot peeking.

The heel is 2 1/4 inches which is perfect for walking around in all day. These shoes are definitely built for comfort and a lot of attention is paid to the padding inside.

A red pair soon followed into my collection too...


These beautiful yellow and beige shoes also come in pink (which are in the post to me as we speak thanks to my new friend on Ebay) and are so comfortable.

As well as blogging I am a full time Office Manager which involves a lot more running around than you would think.

The soles are well cushioned making these comfy enough to wear all day and into the evening.

The ankle strap makes for great support which I am always grateful for when dashing around but the fact that it is beige means it doesn't cut the line of the leg off making the legs look stumpy.

The detail on these shoes is beautiful, I love the scalloped edge on the front of the shoe, it's a real vintage touch, as well as the punctured leather panels which add interesting detail and this is followed through all the way around the shoe.

The colour is such a rich yellow which is not to bright or garish, there is a soft matte effect to these shoes.

The heel is small and wide meaning these shoes give great balance, you don't need a skyscraper heel to look elegant.

Hard to show in a photograph but these shoes have an amazing sole which has a grip to it, trust me I have taken many a tumble on a slippery pavement but these shoes will keep me upright thanks to the great material on the sole.

Fame - Hotter Boutique

I had been after a pair of red leather shoes for ages so I was thrilled when these came up.

These leather shoes were originally made in other colours too. They don't have as much padding as the other hotter shoes as they are a different design but are still comfortable.

The heel is higher and so with any extra padding they might have been a bit snug but they fit perfectly.

The strap across the front of the foot provides extra support without being overbearing in style.

The heel is higher as I said but it is still the sturdy kind of heel that I associate with Hotter. The sole if different to the Sandy shoe but still has a grip quality too it which is great.

The Fame shoes are a classic style which will go with so many outfits and colour ways and I am really glad to now have them in my collection.

It's starting to become somewhat of an obsession...

Fit - I have to size down by half a size for Hotters, some of my friends don't size down at all so I would recommend going to one of their stores and trying some on (what more of an excuse do you need?!) Once you know your size it makes shopping online so easy!

Check out the Hotter website for their latest styles, I am quite excited by their summer collection.

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