Miss Bellas Blooms Christmas Hair Flowers

Christmas is a time for giving, and where better to start than with yourself. When planning my Christmas outfits I came to the conclusion that I needed some hair flowers for the holiday season.

Of course I went straight to Miss Bella's Blooms, like I said in my review for the company this summer (which you can read here) I knew that they would have some brilliant Christmas pieces.

The parcel arrived really well packaged, this is one thing about ordering hair flowers online because if they are not protected they could turn up looking worse for wear, but not these. 

They come wrapped in pretty paper with the Miss Bella's Blooms distinctive sticker. 

The first piece I choose was this beautiful red and gold corsage with ribbons and acorns. 

There are little gold flecked details all through the design. It's completely gorgeous and oh so christmassy! 

As ever the attention to detail is fantastic, there are tiny little gold flowers offsetting the larger red ones, and layers and layers of leaves underneath. 

The back of this piece includes a hairclip and a pin so I can wear it as a pin or in my hair, I love multi purpose uses for things. 

The next one I choose was this silver and white one, I was a bit apprehensive about glitter but of course it's high quality so it's not all coming off over everything.

The design includes the large white flowers, silver accent flowers, tiny little pine cones and little silver berries. 

Even the dark green leaves are highlighted with silver. 

This one has a clip for the hair but I also clip them to other things, through a button hole on a coat or to a hat. 

I also received a lovely surprise in my package by the way of hair pins, it was a lovely thank you from the seller. 

I am so pleased with both these pieces and will be a returning customer for sure! 

I hope you enjoyed this review 




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