Miss Bella's Blooms - Hair Flower Review

Like all things in life not all hair flowers are created equal and ordering online requires a degree of confidence in the sellers.

That's why at Twinwood it was great to be able to see some products up close and personal.

One of the stalls at Twinwood was Miss Bella's Blooms and I was so pleased to be able to see the products for myself.

This pink handmade hair flower immediately caught my eye for a couple of reasons.


I love the shape of this hair piece since so many sellers only make their hair flowers round and it's nice to have variety in the products. I think this shape makes the piece more versatile.


The colour of this piece is beautiful, it's a dusky pink with dark green leaves which only adds to the vintage feel. Miss Bella's Blooms does also offer the brighter, more out there designs that are so popular so it's fantastic to see something for everyone.

The base is dark green which means it is disguised and you cannot see any little bits poking out when you wear it, which is a problem I have found with other sellers in the past.


The quality of a hair flower will dictate it's longevity as well as how it looks when worn. This piece is very high quality, the flowers are strengthened with tiny beads in the centre of each flower. You cannot see any glue or stitching from the outside which is what makes these pieces look so seamless.

The clips on the back of these pieces are very high quality, a good length and with firm grip. As you can see below the flowers and leaves overlap the base so nothing shows through. 

In fact the clips are such good quality you can even use the piece to attach to other things, I put it on this blue hat and think it looks great but you could also clip it through a button hole or through a belt with a cute dress. 

Some of Miss Bella's Blooms pieces come with pins and clips so you get the option to use them as a corsage which is a brilliant idea! 

Miss Bella's Blooms Etsy shop has some amazing examples of her pieces and I am already thinking about a Christmas inspired piece as party season is not far off!

(3 Images property of Miss Bella's Blooms) 

Until Next Time Love Lucy xx

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