Make Do and Make Up

We all know those products, 2 in 1 shampoos, a highlighter that will also act as an emergency tampon, marscaras that will thicken lashes and read you a bedtime story etc.

I am a lover of beauty products, the more the merrier in my house. Some time ago I signed up to a monthly box service, for £10.00 a month you got a box full of products to try. Unfortunately I ended up receiving so many similar products or colours I didn't like that I stopped ordering from them.

Some of the products were great and I gave some of the unsuitable ones to friends but I was left with a few that were just cluttering up my already overflowing cosmetic case. However in the spirit of thriftiness and having a genetic inability to throw anything away, I found other purposes for them and now they are fulfilling their make up destiny! Hooray!

Frugality in foundation, if you will...

Eyeliner - The staple of any vintage lovers kit, inkwell, fineline pen, good old fashioned brush - you'll find opinion varied on what is the best one. Personally I love collection2000's inkwell which is a couple of pounds. I have tried others but always go back to this and I keep the black and brown versions in my kit.

Through the box service I was sent this eyeliner pen, and I am not a huge fan of this kind. I thought I would give it a go anyway and whilst it wasn't capable of creating the nice flicks I wanted, the colour was ok for a discreet 40's eyeliner look (but it's rare that I wear that)

(Make me Beautiful Perfect Look Eyeliner)

It was just that the colour was quite weak and I don't have time for layering this stuff up!  But it struck me that the pen design and slightly opaque colour would make for a good brow product. I whisked the little brush though my brows and it worked a treat!

It was light enough that I didn't look like Frida Kahlo having a fight with a mac consultant, but the pen style nib gave great control in drawing the shape I wanted.

Lipgloss - I am usually a wearer of lipstick over lipgloss as I prefer a classic matt finish and if I want to moisturise my lips I use good old Vasaline. This product went on my lips quite nicely and the consistency wasn't bad, the problem was the colour. It was another product from the box so it wasn't chosen specifically for me and this tube was languishing in the bottom of my make up stash. I tried to give it away but it really didn't suit anyone I offered it to.

(Absolute New York Velvet Lippie)

However after my success using the eyeliner for brows I thought this lip product wouldn't make a bad cheek colour and so I placed three dots on my cheek and blended. The colour was so pretty whereas on my lips it was too pastel in tone.

I'm going to go through the rest of my kit and try to make use of the products I have hung on to in the interests of thiftiness, it's time for a clear out anyway, I think there is some glitter gel from the 90's in there somewhere...

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