Lusting After Lana - Vivien of Holloway wishlist

I have been a fan of Vivien of Holloway for a while now, this was also helped by the fact that I used to live in Holloway and could just stroll down to the actual shop. I belong to a Facebook group of other enablers too!

It wasn't until I tried on my first dress that I got really hooked. If you havn't seen one of their dresses up close then let me tell you, their fabrics are great. They are weighty enough that you don't flash you knickers as the northern line approaches but light enough to be comfortable at an event.

My VOH dress and my vibrant pink circle skirt at Twinwood and the green print number I wore at Chap Olympiad

I find them well cut, well made and some of the styles are boned to give the bodices a structure most boobs just don't possess on their own. I could go braless in mine which was a welcome little holiday for the girls.

Vivien of Holloway also carry a range of fabrics, novelties are there if you want them but the shop is not limited to anchors and polkadots. You're pretty much covered, whatever your taste.

So, you know, I am a fan. However I waved goodbye to a few of my 1950's style pretties recently because I needed the space and I have definitely been learning more 1940's style of late. I was a little sad to say bye to some of those gorgeous dresses but I'd had my wear out of them.

Then in walked Lana....

The Lana dresses themselves aren't totally new to 2017 and I'd fallen in love with the shape.

When I saw it reviewed by the gorgeous Catherine Beck for In Retrospect Magazine . It's typically 40's and the way it drapes to give a very womanly shape is devine.

This type of cut celebrates a woman's shape rather than trying to hide it, accentuating the hips with fabric and drawing the eye to the waist. I love the balance between the bust line and the hips creating a tiny waist illusion.

The draping is almost disney like I think, It reminds me of Cinderella's dress a little.

It's not short either which I find so much reproduction to be because I'm 5 ft 8in. It's a truly vintage appropriate length.

The colours above are the two new colour ways but the dress already comes in other options too. I love the new blue floral option and if I can get my hands on one (alas they are currently sold out of my size) I will be getting one for a christening I am to be godmother in.

The vibrant topaz blue caught my eye too, I had visions of contrasting coloured seamed stockings with this one. It's also selling like a hot cake, I'll have to pray for a restock.

In the event I cannot get either of those colours for being such a slow coach I'd happily take another, take the claret for example which could go from day to evening with a quick accessory change and it is downright sexy. I love the fact that it's a deeper, darker red and not the brighter hues you see around.

Or maybe one of the florals for everyday wear, I could wear this to the office just as well as I could wear it to go out, florals are really versatile dependant on how they are styled. 

Either way I am currently a bit obsessed with having one and happily I shall be moving back to North London next month where I can be closer to the dresses...the office, I meant the office.

*Lana dresses £99.00, all Lana images are property of Vivien of Holloway.

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