How to Choose a Staycation

If you are thinking of going on a staycation in the UK then you'll want to choose carefully to ensure a successful getaway. For me there were two options:

Country Living

There is nothing like getting out of your town or city if you are in need of a break. However don't forget that many places will be shut so you'll need to chose the area carefully. Ideal location criteria:

Not a tourist spot - I really feel for those living in Brighton and similar places at the moment. Don't pick a typical tourist UK hotspot. By just going a few train stops further you can save yourself the hassle of not being able to park or being crowded on a beach.

Self catering - It's disappointing to go somewhere and to not be able to find somewhere to eat. I found this on both my staycations although some places were open. If you go self catering you can eat at your leisure and take your time to prepare something. If there is a country pub open then you've lucked out.

Take things to do - many small museums and galleries are closed so be prepared to entertain yourself and really think about it before you set off. If you have a pile of books to read but haven't found the time or a hobby you can easily transport then do this. This type of staycation is great if you love long walks. I love taking photos of nature so this type of trip ticks boxes for me.

Don't go for the shops - I love shopping especially in small seaside towns where thrifting can be at a premium. I did find some that were open but a lot where not. Don't rely on shops, cinemas or pubs for your entertainment, it's all on you this time. Use the time to enjoy small pleasures.

City Break

If you are thinking of heading to a city you need to choose a location that is going to give you enough of a getaway. I went to Edinburgh for 5 days and had a fabulous time, it was a really good choice for the following reasons:

History from the outside - I chose Edinburgh because, aside from it being on my list of places to visit, it is very beautiful from the outside. I picked somewhere known for it's architecture for exactly that reason and I'm glad I did! A huge amount of the museums and galleries are not opening for a few weeks so I wasn't able to go to those.

Be your own tour guide - Edinburgh was perfect because it is compact. If you are looking for a staycation but want to avoid relying on public transport then it's something to take into account. Some walking tours were running but I'd done enough research to find my own way around. Youtube is a great travel resource. I love getting up early to avoid crowds, it was like I had the city to myself!

Parks and Gardens - Cities generally have grounds, gardens and parks, a lot of which are still open so you can still experience some peaceful moments in the hussle and bussle. After I checked out of my hotel I had four hours to kill and I went and sat in the sunshine, reading my book and wondering why I don't do more of this in London.

Eat out to help out - the government scheme you have probably heard about is actually really useful, apart from the obvious discount. I was struggling to find somewhere to eat on the first night and I used the list on the .GOV website as an indication of the places that were open. I figured if they are registered then the are more likely to be open. If dining out is a getaway essential for you then a city will give you many more options.

Whatever type of staycation you may go on remember to respect the areas people live in, observe the local rules and do as you would have others do to you. If there isn't a second wave that affects UK travel I am planning to take another break in the winter to use up my annual leave, I cannot wait to start planning it!





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