Hidden charity shop gems - London

As many people now know I moved to North London a few months ago and I have been dedicating some time to familiarising myself with the most important of local landmarks - charity shops.

In the past few weeks I have found a couple of shops that will go on my "To revisit" list.

Fara Charity Shop - Angel

dI have found some of the best charity shops by just happening upon them so when I saw this shop in Angel close to the tube I decided to quickly check it out - nothing ventured nothing gained

This shop turned out have a huge vintage section! It is a bit of a charity shop mecca, it is not over priced and it is very well organised which is always welcome for the charity shopper. It had a modern section too but the vintage was all arranged at one end making it very easy.

The shop it'self is rammed with lots of interesting clothes, accessories and homewares etc. I'll be paying a visit again soon!

I did get one thing with my megre budget which was an 80's dress for £5.95. I'm saving it for another blog post but I'll show it off soon!

North London Hospice - Wood Green

I had to go to Wood Green to seek out this shop, my housemate had recommended it but couldn't remember the name. There are quite a few charity shops in Wood Green which are worth a look but as soon as I saw the shop I knew it was the one!

The shop is one of the rummaging kinds, everything was organised and well labelled but there was just so much of it, I had a good dig around the baskets which were organised into hats, belts, slips and even braces!

It also had a massive amount of retro style and vintage sunglasses mixed with the modern and the window displays (whilst hard to photograph) had some lovely vintage items in them, with signs welcoming you to ask the staff to get an item for you.

This gorgeous dress was one thing I spied in the shop but there was lots of treasure to be found! One to visit for sure.

At some point I'll have to round all of this info together and write a top 10 (maybe 20) charity shops in North London, by the time I am finished I might be able to write a memoir about it, The Girl With The Second Hand Everything....

Until next time



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