Hair today gone tomorrow

A friend and I were discussing just the other day how well put together teenagers and twenty-somethings look these days. Thanks to YouTube they are totally skipping the frosted eyeshadow and rollerball lipgloss phase and stepping straight to MAC. We decided that it just wasn't fair, we had served our time of hideous haircuts bad make up, we'd earned our stripes!

On the back of this conversation I thought it might be fun to take a look back to a time before I'd found vintage and, well basically laugh at my monstrous hair. Welcome to my twenties, don't judge...

Blonde Ambition

Every now and again I get the urge to be a lighter colour, hence the reason I am growing my hair out now. What I lacked was the patience to wait and this resulted in some horrible highlights and very dry hair! Don't try to lighten your hair at home, EVER!

Fringe Benefits

I go back and fourth on the fringe quite a lot, one thing I am very self consious of is my forehead (my sibilings and I measured ours once, mine was the biggest) I've had the riot girl fringe, betty bangs, side swept and a rather weird choppy thing that looked like I'd cut it myself.

The Long and Short of It.

I seem to have spent the last decade growing my hair in order to cut it again, wanting some cool and modern style that I can never carry off and then I added the cheapest and nastiest hair extensions! I go for more classic cuts these days so that my vintage styles take so I think these days are behind me!

Thank goodness I found vintage!

Now eyebrows, they are another story. Perhaps I'll perfect them in my 40's.

Until next time



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