Going back to my roots

My hair is on a quest. Having been bottle black for some time now I decided on a bit of a whim to grow my hair out to my natural colour.

I love how black hair looks on others but I do think it might age me in the coming years. Also I would love to try something more adventurous when the time comes, I'm dreaming of lilacs and pinks, and reds, oh my!

I've grown my hair over the last two years and it was the longest it had ever been so I was nervous to go for a chop however it badly needed it.

Again on a whim I decided to pop into a hairdressers in my new local area and happily they could fit me in that day. I'd been trying to drop into my usual hairdresser for a while but between work and other commitments it wasn't happening sadly.

I am a nervous customer at the best of times but here I was agreeing for a perfect stranger to cut my locks. No turning back now!

Avalon salon, Crouch End

I was introduced to Tori, one of the creative stylists at Avalon and she did a consultation. I explained about my outgrown vintage cut and showed her the diagram of a middy and she actually took an interest. Some hairstylists won't care to look at a 50s diagram but the lovely Tori entertained me.


We decided to chop off a lot of the length and go for the four inch bottom layer, taking each layer up as per the diagram but blending the layers so they are not quite so blunt as that can definitely look odd when it's not vintage styled!


Although it felt weird having so much cut off I was thrilled with the end result and went home to do a pincurl set to test out my new tresses. As with all vintage styles I have to "find my layers" again as with my old hair I could set it without even a mirror (in fact I did at the Christmas ball)


The salon is bright and modern and intimate which I prefer as you don't feel like one of many cattle coming off a conveyer belt with the same haircut.

Tori was lovely too, I like a hair dresser who likes a chat! We were talking about my plans for the colour, the vintage scene and the local area, I will definitely be popping in for trims whilst I grow this colour out.

I would highly recommend this salon, the staff are lovely, the quality of the cut was great and the price was very reasonable. I paid £40 for a wet cut.

Let's just hope my hair grows in double quick time as the rather attractive root line, and ok I admit a couple of sneaky greys, are already driving me a bit mad!

Bye bye hair! 

Until Next Time



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