Flamingo Vintage Kilo Store - Malaga

On my trip to Spain I just had to visit a vintage shop. I am planning on visiting all the vintage shops in Malaga on my next trip but I was happy I made it to just this one.

Flamingo vintage is a vintage shop with a kilo sale price plan. The difference between this shop and the kilo sales in England is that different rails had different prices, up to €39 per kilo, I hadn't seen this before.

The rails were all clearly marked which made shopping there really easy.

There was also a nice big dressing room to try things on.

The shop had a lot of really lovely dresses from 60's and 70's as well as some earlier pieces.

There were tonnes of mens t shirts, shorts and denim too.

My Haul

I bought this 80's sundress with a flower pattern including the names of the flowers. It's made of 100% rayon and is light and floaty.

I love the pattern with it's bottles, pots and flowers. The writing is in English because the garment is American - I was hoping it would be Spanish but you can't have everything and it is an American vintage sale!

This dress is great for a holiday to throw on over a swimsuit but I like clothes that work across seasons and this is how I would wear it in autumn, it would even look great in the winter with boots, I love winter floral looks.

I teamed it with a stack of Bakelite and this felt hat which was a charity shop find. 

I picked up this handmade original wiggle dress which is a beautiful powder blue colour. This is snug at the moment but I am on a health kick and have been hitting the gym hard recently so I'll be saving this one for it's own OOTD!

Both of these items his the scale and the lady working in the shop said "Thats €8"

€8!!!!!!! I paid very quickly.

This was a fantastic shop full of some very good quality clothes and I will definitely be paying another visit when I go back to Malaga.

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