Family, Fling Festival and Fun

Well I haven't been able to take the pictures for the blog post I wanted to get out yet, sometimes life gets in the way, in the meantime...

I have moved house (again) but hopefully this time will be more permanent and I wont be moving for a while. I am slowly making it like home and now that I have much more space I can have all of my vintage homewares with me which makes me really happy. I can't wait to blog about it once I have some cash to spruce it up fully!

This month has called for some outfit planning, I love getting ready and try to make an effort every day so here were some of my favorite outfit moments of the month.


Ok so this was not my favorite moment as such but I am not getting into politics here. I combined this high waisted royal blue stretch skirt with this cute yellow vintage short sleeved knit, in a nod to the day (and to my vote which is clear from the pictures). The lady at the polling station was most impressed!

I was reminded of the patriotic brooches, often in red white and blue, that were worn in WW2. Historically women have found ways of communicating through their clothing and accessories and it's an area of fashion history I find fascinating!

The Mid Century Market - Cecil Sharp House - North London

Not only is CSH a fantastic local venue with so many different activities going on (check out their website!)  it also houses the Mid Century Market  which I had been meaning to go to for such a long time. I met with Catherine of Vintage Frills as we had planned to make a day of it.

I was just browsing really but it is a really great quality market for those who want true vintage, they are very selective in who their sellers are and the variety is excellent. After shopping we had a little wander around Camden and then went for a seriously delicious Nandos as a treat.

I wore a vintage tea dress which is actually 80's, with vintage gloves and a 1950's bag. The shoes are from Clarks. I wore my hair in a Gibson roll using a rat which kept my hair neat and out of the way all day.

Safety pin selfie

Horrified by the increase in reported racial abuse post Brexit I read about the safety pin campaign with interest. I wasn't sure it would take off at first but soon social media and the powers that be at the Huffington post and Guardian made sure it was getting the promotion it deserved.

 I loved the idea of wearing a symbol of solidarity so I rooted through my sewing kit until I unearthed my safety pin collection (don't ask!)  proudly pinned one to my top, and have done so since.

I found myself wearing tops that would make it stand out, I wanted to be part of this, was proud to wear one for the values it was standing for. As I said I don't want to get too much into politics but these are very interesting times. Again I am reminded of the 1940's when symbolism and a sense of belonging were a cornerstone of society, if you were in the WVS you proudly wore a uniform, undertook the necessary actions and above all maintained the associated values.

The safety pin might seem small in comparison to the voluntary work from the past but in my opinion it comes from the same need, in times of strife, to belong and to maintain your own values, linking with others who share them. It's about community.

The Fling Festival Chelmsford.

The fling festival is a family day out for us and we have been for the past 3 years. It's a one day festival and I think the best way to describe it is alternative. There is something for everyone and everything in between. My personal favorites were:

Cabaret tent: The burlesque performance by Vicky Butterfly blew me away! As many vintage enthusiasts can appreciate burlesque is more than semi nudity and Ms Butterfly has some seriously strong song choice and costume game going on. If you want to be transfixed then check her out.

The Imagination Station: We make a point of going to this puppet show for adults every year as it is just hilarious, Aunt Sarah will lead you through a tale that will curl your hair and there is nothing funnier than a masturbating puppet. Check them out here

Music: My favorite band of the day were Salvation Jayne I made a point of going to see them after listening to them on youtube and they didn't disappoint, the lead singer has a filthy voice with more power than a JCB on Viagra. Check out their youtube channel and I will definitely be on the look out for their next gig!

Photos: The fairyland trust were also on hand to make sure we got the most hysterical picture of the day. For a voluntary donation you could dress up from their selection of costumes and have your picture taken in front of their fairy backdrop. Being a proper grown up I shunned all the sexy fairy outfits and went full dragon, well it would have been rude not too!

As for my outfit I went for a very casual rockabilly style outfit with my trusty cowboy boots, a headscarf and my aging leopard print cardigan.

The final event I went to was my lovely grandma's birthday, She had a great day and as we were going out to a restaurant I wanted to wear something that wouldn't be too tight once the cake was served. I opted for this striped shirt dress which was actually a 50p bootsale find, my cowboy boots with black tights as the weather was changeable, a stack of wooden and marbled effect bangles and my yellow bakelite earrings.

I hope to be able to bring you more outfit posts in the near future. I've just started walking to work from my new house and it's proving challenging to maintain a vintage style on top of this, maybe it will make it into a blog post soon!

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