East End Vintage Clothing Store £1.00 sale!

Last weekend I took a trip to the good old East End of London to visit the East End Vintage Clothing Store's £1.00 sale.

I have written about this company before which you can read here.

I have made a youtube video of my stash which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2R3xeChqDA 

I still can't get over how many lovely bargains there are at these sales, but I thought for the blog I would write some additional advice on how to approach these sales, which I do with military style stealth.

1. Don't get there early/Do make two trips

My friend Jo and I arrived just after opening time at 11am and not much was laid out and things were still being pulled out of the warehouse as we arrived. Last time I went on the second day of this two day sale and there was much more laid out. So I'd actually say don't be the first there (but don't be the last) or go twice, this also occurred to me.

2. Take your own bag

I took one of those blue ikea bags for this purpose. If you see something you like don't inspect it there and then, you will likely be four deep at the rail, take it off the hanger and stuff it in your bag. Find a quiet corner and inspect it later. without a shoulder bag your arms will be full off stuff and you won't be able to look any further, plus the queues to pay can be long and your arms will ache, also you have got something to carry it all home in which goes over your shoulder (which is why the ikea bags are perfect)

3. Wear a vest

In fact wear an outfit that you have a thin layer underneath, like a vest or a slip, or a vest and leggings. There are fitting rooms at this sale but there is often a queue and people were stripping down to try things on in the yard (which is a regular occurrence) Since I was buying loads of shirts I could try them all on whilst maintaining my dignity since I had a vest top on.

4. Think out of season

There is no ryme or reason to these sales so if you see a coat you love but it's the middle of summer buy it and put it away, there is loads of knitwear at this sale and some of it is really good for vintage looks. All thrift shopping is about what is there at any given point in time which is what makes it so fun but forget "seasons"

5. Pee before you purchase

There are no toilets at this sale and very little nearby to accommodate. Just saying.

Here is a sneak peak of some of my bargains from the day...yep, thats a ballgown!

I have been doing some youtube videos recently so do visit the channel and let me know what you would like to see! 

Until next time 




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