Create your own repro dress

Now don't get me wrong, I love vintage reproduction, especially the companies who do it really well but if you are on a budget some of the gorgeous dresses and skirts can feel out of reach.

I also got into vintage because I like to wear something different from everyone else and going to a vintage event and realising someone is wearing the same thing pains me a little.

So if you are on a budget or just want something unique here is a guide to creating a simple rockabilly styled look for next to nothing

You will need

A garment that has some vintage style features - I am using an 80's dress

An iron and ironing board

Iron on patches



I picked up this 80's pretty nondescript dress in a charity shop for a couple of pounds. It's short sleeved and buttons all the way to the front. It has pockets which I love and the check pattern is very 50's.

I bought some iron on patches on ebay, they are really cheap and the postage is usually free. You can also pick them up at charity shops and car boot sales but if they are old be aware that the glue may not be good anymore so you will likely have to throw in a couple of stitches.

Decide on where you are going to place the patches on your dress and if you are not skilled at measuring use pockets, hems and collars as a guide to get things even.

Once you have decided where to put them place your dress on the iron board and using a thin cotton tea towel or a sheet hold your hot iron over the patch for a couple of minutes to heat the glue.

Carefully check all the edges have stuck down and leave to cool.

The petticoat will do the work of giving the skirt a much fuller 50's look so they are a good investment if you want to achieve the 50's style, I got mine cheaply on ebay, just make sure you get a lined one to avoid scratchy leg syndrome.

Then it's really about how you accessorize, so you could add a classic waist belt or a cardigan tied up at the front, throw on some plastic beads, novelty earrings or some bangles and there you have a totally unique reproduction look that no one else will be wearing.

So if you have a black pencil skirt that you dont wear think about how it can be revived before laying out your pennies on something new. With a bit of imagination the possibilities are endless!

I have made a youtube video here if anyone would like to watch the whole process.

Until next time




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