Charity Shopping Abroad and Costa Del Sol Haul

On Saturday I flew back from Spain having spent a delightful week with my wonderful friends in Cartama.

I love to visit charity shops wherever I go so I hit a few up on my trip. Here are some things to bear in mind when thrifting abroad:

Finding charity shops: I try to read blogs and reviews before I go but on this trip I mainly relied on google maps, just type charity shops (insert place name) into google maps and it shows you what's around you, what did we do without modern technology?

Language barrier: It's lovely to try out your language skills in a new place with local people and I always recommend people learn the basic phrases of a transaction - please, thank you, how much is this? could I have a bag? - all of this will help you and also shop assistants appreciate when you are making an effort so don't be shy!

Supporting local causes: I love the idea of supporting local charities and thrifting is a nice opportunity to get something to remind you of your holiday that is unique to your trip. If there are things you are not taking home you can also donate to them if you have washed them of course!

Torremolinos- there was only one charity shop in the centre of town which, with the help of google maps, I found pretty painlessly. I don't have a picture unfotunately but it was a pentecostal charity near the centre of town.

Here were some of the interesting things I saw:

I picked up these brown shorts for €2 which are a thick fabric and have an elasticated back, they came with the belt too which was handy. On Instagram I did a #toptiptuesday that said to ignore the gender of clothing when thrifting and these shorts are the proof!

They also have the deepest pockets too!

Benalmadena - this is about half an hours walk along the sea front from Torremolinos.  I spotted a few interesting things there and they had a rail outside on which everything was €1:

I picked up this polyester tea dress for €4, it had no belt but I knew I could wear this white one with it. It's made by a Spanish brand too!

I love the 40's inspired pattern and the fact that I could just throw this on and run out the door for instant vintage factor.

Fuengirola - Another popular holiday resort, another charity shop. This charity shop was larger and more organised than the others with lots of fabric and homeware. They also had some great vintage dressing gowns.

This shop was a little more pricey but hey it's for charity. I spotted this little sweater in my favourite colour for €8 and snapped it up.

I'd love to explore some second hand markets and sales next time I go, now I have my bearings!

I have made a haul video including this lot and some extra bits I picked up in the vintage kilo sale in Malaga over on my youtube channel which will go live on my channel later today.

Which european cities have you found the best for charity shops? I'd love to hear about it.

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