Battersea Carboot Sale

I am continuing my mission in finding the best carboot sales for vintage bargains in London.

Last month I traveled all the way to Kilburn on a Sunday only to realise that I'd read the website wrong and the Kilburn sale is on Saturdays!

Undeterred I decided to go to Battersea Car Boot which I'd heard was good for vintage buyers.

Battersea Car Boot Sale

I arrived in time for the early bird entry at 12.00, which is £3.00. From watching various Youtube videos I knew a queue would form after half one when the entrance fee is 50p so it seemed worth it to spend the extra.

Similarly to the Stoke Newington sale the stall holders pitch fees are also staggered so those sellers willing to pay top notch pitch fees will be there early and others wanting to pay less arrive afterward.

Again this gave me the opportunity to do a couple of laps and scope out the hardcore vintage dealers (the early sellers) from vintage enthusiasts or people just selling off their own old goods.

Some examples of the types of items for sale:

I didn't get the chance to take many photos unfortunately, I was a little distracted in digging around all the boxes of treasure!

In terms of facilities this carboot is also based in a school and has a burger van although it wasn't quite as quaint as the one at Princess May Carboot it was reasonably priced if you want a cheeseburger.

Smoking was seemingly permitted as many people were walking around with cigarettes, this surprised me as it is a school. They have the hand stamp system so you could come and go if you wanted.

My Haul

I am on an extreme budget at present but I did manage to find a couple of bargains. I'm trying not to look at clothes at the moment because I'm losing weight from walking to work everyday.


I am obsessed with bangles at the moment, maybe it's because you can find them so cheaply! These bangles were only a couple of pounds and I love them. These are all modern, aside from the elephant one which I think is bone, but will go so well with a vintage outfit. £5.00 for all.

Left to right: Latte swirl plastic bangle, beige plastic with gold glitter,white carved elephant bangle, lime plastic swirl irregular bangle, black carved bangle.


One of the vintage sellers had, on my second walk around, pulled out a large tray of vintage brooches, earring and necklaces and I spotted these two embroidered brooches. My lovely friend and fellow blogger Catherine, Vintage Frills, collects these and had recently gifted me some earrings so I decided to pick them up for us. She choose the pink one and I'll keep the purple one for myself. Embroidered brooches £1.00 each

Stratton Compact

Lots of people covert the Stratton compact and collect them. Personally I can't say I was too bothered about having one or not. However I spotted this one alongside the brooches above and when the seller said it was £1.00 I decided I would snap it up, despite it's condition.

It's not in great shape but the size of it is lovely as you can see your eyes and lips together without having to move the mirror around. As there is nothing in the bottom of it I have a plan to add a photo of myself and my nan taken at a vintage event which will make me smile whenever I use it and make it personal to me.


I wasn't going to buy any clothes but one of the sellers had a £5.00 rail and I spotted this blue silky dress. This dress has sadly been taken up at some point to shorten it (I wish people wouldn't do that) but the measurements were good for me so I decided to go for it.

The dress has a side zip and a button up back but despite this, what I failed to take into account is that the waist is so small that it is impossible for me to get past my boobs! I think if I corset then I may be able to get it on whilst I am still losing weight. For now it is going to be used as decor in my bedroom!

One place I haven't yet looked for London treasure hunting is a local paper, I must remember to buy one next week and see if there are any house clearance sales or jumbles going on, to continue my vintage mission. But for now....over and out.

Until next time



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