Autumnal Jewellery Collection

I may have mentioned once or twice that autumn is my favourite time of year, I love the rich season colours and nature inspired prints.

I have been on the look out for jewellery that fits with the autumnal tones in my wardrobe and happily have found quite a few things while out and about as well as digging some old favourites out from the drawers.

Sugar Glass Fruits 

This necklace came from a Facebook selling page and I had been on the look out for something like this for a while.

I love how the reds and yellows contrast with the green leaves and mirrors how the leaves turn colour.

It reminded me of these earrings which I also picked up on Facebook about a year ago, I sometimes prefer when things don't actually match but would happily wear them together.

Sugar glass has a lovely texture and makes for a really interesting piece.

Liquorice Torpedo Necklace

I spotted this in a charity shop and was drawn the colours of the beads, it reminds me of those liquorice sweets you can buy.

It's a modern piece by Trucco but I thought the colours would coordinate with the popular Bakelite colours. It actually goes really well with these Bakelite earrings.

Glass Bangle

I found this bangle in a charity shop and decided it would go really well nestled amongst my other older bangles, it's actually quite mottled and almost see through in some areas.

Since it was cold to the touch and red I thought it might have been coral but after a bit of research and help from friends I have decided it is glass.

My autumn wardrobe includes a lot of rust colours and don't have anything else like this in my collection. I think it looks great with my pumpkin coloured Bakelite.

Nanny Lucy's Brooch

I was recently gifted a box of brooches from my grandma which belonged to my great grandma Lucy who I am named after. It meant so much to be gifted them and they will never leave my collection.

This one really caught my eye as it is a big bold piece with delicate detailing in the stones. It's perfect for jazzing up an autumnal outfit. Some of them date back quite far so I will do a blog post all about them (and her) at some point.

Bakelite Brooch 

I have only recently addd a Bakelite brooch to my collection but as soon as this one was posted for sale on a Facebook selling group I snapped it up because well... bakelite...and brown....and blooms.

I also recently acquired this beautiful set which will be perfect for both autumn and christmas. I had been after one of these sets for ages and a Facebook friend very kindly sold me a spare she had stashed away 

The earrings are screwbacks which I don't usually wear but for these I will make an exception! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm not wishing my favourite season away but I cannot wait to do Christmas looks this year! 

Until next time 




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