A Photo Walk in my Garden

I had been meaning to do a photo walk for the longest time and am a little annoyed with myself for procrastinating on it for so long, especially with the weather getting better.

Now that we are staying home I thought I would investigate my own front garden to see what I might have been walking past without really seeing it. Don't you think we are so distracted most of the time?

Spring has definitely sprung and there is a lot of beauty to be seen all around which is the kind of positivity we need right now.

Yellow is my favourite colour and not just for flowers but I had never noticed how much of it we had in our garden.

I always forget that holly is not just for Christmas but we have a huge holly bush in our garden, at the moment it is crawling with bugs and insects as spring brings everything to life. We also have a massive pine tree with is threatening to give someone a concussion as the huge pines have only just started to fall.

We are getting regular visitors to the garden, everyone but me seems to have a cat in this street. I've also spotted some honey bees and a robin but they are less inclined to pose for a picture.

I hope you are all having a lovely week and being kind to yourselves.

Much love




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