5 Decades 5 Days Round up


I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my 30's day, the outfit was super comfortable thanks to the floaty fabric but I felt so smart and girlie. I'd definitely love to master the hair techniques in the future.

Song of the era: Under the Moon - Annette Hanshaw - I adore this cheeky little tune (and this video has some seriously good fashion inspiration)



I knew I would enjoy this day although compared to the 60's and 70's it was harder as I had to sleep in rollers but I am used to that. I can't imagine my love of the 40's ever changing. It still amazes me how people managed to dress so well when they had so little.

Song of the era: A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square - Vera Lynn- I cant help myself with this song, perhaps because it's about London, and I love Vera Lynn!



The 50's is a style I wear quite often but I am so glad the weather was nice and I could dust off this dress from the back of the wardrobe! I was starting to flag a bit by Wednesday and petticoats at the office were definitely a challenge in themselves! The 1950's style definitely got the most compliments!

Song of the era: I love Wanda Jackson and this song in particular, perhaps it's the hard headed woman in me!


There is also a great documentary called "The Women of Rockabilly" linked below which tells you the story of some of the strong women on the music scene in the 50's.



My 1960's look was so much fun, It's relatively low maintenance too which I was grateful for! In terms of wearability the 1960's is definitely a comfortable option, I love wearing 1960's clothes on chillier days.

Song of the era: Jimi Hendrix (well who else?) All Along The Watchtower



This was definitely the most relaxed outfit because I could really have a break from hair styling. I do love these more boho styles for summer, I felt like I was going to a festival!

Song of the era: Rupert Holmes song Escape is absolutely hilarious, it's actually a family favourite as me and my siblings found it so funny we had it played at my sisters wedding and all danced together so this had to be my 1970's hit!


I cannot wait to get started on a evening wear edition of this blog, there are so many fun looks throughout the decades.

Until Next Time



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