Staycations are here, millions of Brits will be holidaying on home soil this summer. Since the vintage events are cancelled and overseas travel is not advised my sisters and I decided to go away for a few days in our social bubble.

We went to Somerset for a few days, it's so beautiful there. This experience has really helped me appreciate the UK as I tend to think about holidays as overseas.

What can a vintage girl pack for a few relaxed days of rest and recovery? Not high heels that's for sure!

I like to pack a few light layers that, if it rains, will dry easily. These extra wide leg palazzo pants and vintage jacket are a cute lightweight easy dry option for chilling by the pool. The trousers were actually from my £1 shopping haul from the East End Vintage Store.

Another great way to get a holiday wardrobe is to borrow things from friends or family. Mum actually had this whole outfit in her wardrobe with the tags still on so I have adopted them for a while. I am far more willing to ask to borrow clothes from people these days. Cheaper and so much better for the environment.

This 40's style dress was my first post lockdown charity shop bargain. It's actually from Next which surprised me and I love the style. It's nice and lightweight for the summer evenings and I threw my hair up in victory rolls. This will go easily from holiday to office which means it will get more use. Items that only get used once or twice a year really have to be bargains for me.

I don't often wear full length trousers but when I tried on these, also borrowed from mum, I really liked them. Thats another thing about borrowing clothes, you can play with different styles and if you don't like them you have not lost anything.

While in Somerset I made a point of going to the Taunton Antiques Market on Silver Street. I purchased some jewellery which were very reasonable. We also stopped at Rogers Furniture in Watchet which is above a marina shop and full of surprises. I got a pretty good charity shop haul at the British Red Cross shop in the town of Minehead. I'll do a haul blog next week!

I also went swimming which is very rare for me as I am not the most confident swimmer but because it was a private pool and I was with my sisters I knew I would not drown (it's an irrational fear!) and I could really relax. I even felt pretty good in my costume which is a bit of a trigger for me usually.

We had such a great time in Somerset, I would totally recommend a staycation in the UK to rejuvenate during these times. I am actually going away next week too but to somewhere a little more changeable weather wise so I have a packing challenge on my hands.




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